Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oh, It Is Love…

…from the first time I set my eyes upon you…  And by “you”, I mean my house.  ;)  I LOVE my new house!  We moved in mid-January and although it was later than expected, it was well worth the wait.  Since then I continue to convince myself that I can’t possibly love it more, but as days go by I continue to find new things that I love.

I love the house itself.  I love the floorplan – it’s exactly what we were looking for.  I love that I have a dedicated office, albeit it desperately needs organized.  I love the finishes that we chose – sorry to my neighbors, but I still think it’s the best looking house on the street.  J  I love that everything came together – the granite, the counters, the floor, the tile… so hard to choose, but totally nailed it!  I do have a love-hate relationship with my wood floors though – they are impossible to keep clean (but beautiful when they are)!  I love finally having a pantry.  I love my double sliding door.  I LOVE my slightly ridiculous master suite.  I feel like I’m in a hotel!  I love the over-the-top walk-in tile shower.  I love my massive closet, although I’m positive I need more clothes to fill it (although I'm having other issues in that department).  I love the built-ins – all the closets (so much easier for kid clothes!) and around the fireplace (although they are a bit bare).  I love the coffered ceilings and the beams in my living room.  I love my backyard – the comfortably shaded patio with a view of my beautiful green grass, a field, and the mountains, with the babbling sound of the irrigation ditch nearby.  I even love mowing it with the new mower we got (that I also love!).

I love the stuff we put in the new house – new couch and loveseat, new appliances, new bed.  I LOVE my washer and dryer – I actually don’t mind doing laundry or dishes anymore.  I love my pics I put in the entryway.  I love my shrine to my Bailey Jo in the living room.  I love the beautiful exhibition of the flower painting Loren’s dad gave us (one of the main focal points in the living room).  I can’t wait to decorate more (all these new things have strapped my budget a bit).

I love the area – quiet and safe with friendly neighbors.  I love going for walks in the neighborhood and that I can let the kids and dog play in the front of the house without constantly fretting.  I’m loving Star in general – such a small town feel while being minutes from city comforts.  I love the post office and city hall – so quiet and personable.  I love that there are town and neighborhood events.  I love that my mom is 1 mile away.  I love the 15 minute highway drive to Nampa (it’s quite a beautiful ride with an open view of fields, mountains, and sky) with Costco and everything else I might need.  I love the Star Merc, that has a little bit of everything.  I’m not even minding the drive to work and the kids’ school – traffic usually isn’t too bad and I grew up with highway driving that I don't mind (SO much better than city driving!).  I’d much rather spend 40 minutes of highway driving home than the 20 minutes of city driving I had before (especially in my Rav, that I also love).  Stop, go, stop, go, stop, go, stop, effing GO!!!  It gives me a bit of time to unwind from the day and I can enjoy some music.

I’ve had people ask how the new house is, so there you go.  I have to send out a huge thank you to Donnie Dwyer, our builder – he made me pull my hair out at times, but he’s a good guy and I know I could have never built this house with another builder for the price.  If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have my dream house!  And I think I owe an even bigger thank you to Miss Jennifer Hickey, from Boise Real Estate Pros.  Without her, I don’t think I would have survived this build.  Heck, it would have never even happened.  She listened to what we wanted/needed, knew even better than we did what would be a good match, and was there every step of the way, cracking the whip with no questions asked.  Totally got us the hook-up too, on several things!  She is, put simply, pretty freaking awesome.  ;)

Now, the hardest part…  finding the motivation to do anything but enjoy my new house this summer!  It really feels like there is something else I need to be doing…  some pesky little thing…  oh yes, a dissertation…  :P

*sidenote* Holy crap, it's been a year since I written on this!

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